Alset Innovations

Lighting & Control Specialists

Alset Innovations provides lighting control systems, as well as motorized shading systems.

HomeWorks QS

HomeWorks QS is a complete lighting control system providing total control of lights, shades, HVAC, and audio-video integration throughout a whole home.  HomeWorks can be installed in new or existing homes, with a variety of options for wired and wireless implementations.  HomeWorks QS design solutions offer a balance between reducing controls on the wall and a simple installation.  A localized design can replace switches in a room with system dimmers and switches; a centralized design minimizes controls on the wall using remote power panels located out of sight; a hybrid design utilizes features from both localized and centralized design concepts.   The final objective for any design provides ambience, convenience, security, and control.  HomeWorks QS uses Lutron’s exclusive Quantum architecture to provide total light control from small systems through large applications.

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There are three elements within each space that need lighting: art, architecture, and people. Think about lighting the people first – you must humanize the light.
— Randall Whitehead