Alset Innovations

Lighting & Control Specialists

Alset Innovations provides lighting control systems, as well as motorized shading systems.

Radio RA 2

Radio RA 2 is a wireless total light control system that provides convenient and intuitive control of lights, shades, and temperature in a single room or throughout a whole home.  Radio RA gives you the ability to create a range of light levels throughout your home rather than simply turning your lights full on, while creating ambiance and saving energy.  Radio RA 2 installs easily in new or existing homes, programs quickly, and operates flawlessly thanks to Lutron’s Clear Connect RF Technology.

For more information on Lutron’s Radio RA 2 product, please click here.

There are three elements within each space that need lighting: art, architecture, and people. Think about lighting the people first – you must humanize the light.
— Randall Whitehead